A Mythic Journey

You are invited to an evening where TruGuy will introduce you to a series he is offering to explore our ongoing mythic journey to the heart. Through songs, stories, audience participation, humour, and deep enquiry. Tru will entice you into a fascinating and exciting process and opportunity for self discovery and re-authorship. As we learn from each others story we discover more deeply our own.

Why come to the my Play Shop Series about the Search For The Beloved Within?
  • Because the old stories you have been telling yourself no longer make sense.
  • Because sharing with others helps you to understand what you are saying to yourself.
  • Because you will better identify where you are and where you want to go.
  • Because you will discover more about what you love the most about being you.
  • Because you want to explore how to rewrite the story of your life and future.
  • Because the world is changing and you want to know how you can be your happiest.
  • Because you want to know why you’re here and what it feels like to love on purpose.
We are currently living in a time of personal (r)evolution.

Throughout history (His Story) we have striven to live according to narratives telling us who we are and what we should believe and do. That Era is dying.

Now, sovereignty, personal authority, and self-responsibility is the path to liberation and fully living our inherent authenticity. Up until now we have made others the author(ity) of who we say we are.

It is time to rewrite our story; a story whose deepest longing arises from our search for the Beloved (Be Love) as we discover and share our unique gifts with the world.

"You are invited to delve deeper into what I will share on March 6th by attending a 3-part play-shop series which will be offered Wed. March 13th and 20th from 6:30pm to 10pm and Sat. March 16th from 12 noon to 4pm. More details soon to come."  Please note that the times mentioned in the brief interview for the play-shops are not on 3 Saturdays but as stated above.

Tru was thrust into a life of searching. Born to two blind parents; traumatized by a violent sexual assault at a very young age, and then raised through the foster care system putting him on the street when he was 16, set the stage for a life of spiritual enquiry and the search for meaning. It also led him to pursue many vocations where he could be of service to others as a Child care worker,

Psychiatric Aid, Wholistic counsellor, Shiatsu Therapist, Psycho- Spiritual Guide, Storyteller, Songwriter, Singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Besides his studies at two Universities and a number of certifications in facilitating self-development for others, Tru’s diverse life has been organic and exploratory in nature. His music alone has helped many understand and feel the essence of their heart.


Glamorgan Community
4207 - 41 Ave SW Calgary
Wednesday March 6 2024
Doors open 6:30pm


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