Sixteen Stones for human, horse and hound. 

Many of us love and cherish gemstones for ourselves but don’t think to work with them to support our pets. Animals can receive the vibrational energy from crystals for health and healing beautifully. I wish to share my stories and experiences, guide you in a crystal meditation and connect in with you in conversation about your animals. 

Personal bio: 

My name is Tannia Joy. I started my gemstone journey 8 years ago when I enrolled in a Colour and Crystal Certification course. One of the modules was on supporting pets with Gemstones. I had a pup at the time that suffered from terrible car sickness. Using the recommended gems supported her beautifully. I was so amazed and Heelerz Gemstones came to be. I have spent many years experimenting, creating, and sharing my passion for using crystal therapy to support animals. What makes me unique is that I offer only 16 stones organized into 4 collections. This allows me to be very knowledgeable in my 16 and what may provide the best support to you and your pets. Speaking publicly is a new experience. I thank you for sharing in this exciting adventure.


FEBRUARY 2, 2020

12:30 PM