Ready, Self, Love!

Love is everyone’s focus, whether you feel you have too little or you are bursting at the seams wanting to share. It is all about Self Love and holding a Raised Vibration. We are going to share with you some secrets about Self Love and raise the vibration of everyone who chooses to join us. Coming together in intention brings this concept of Love and Energy to the next level and my plan is to ensure you feel the power of connection. You will leave this talk with revitalized energy and absolute belief that You Are Worthy of beauty, kindness, joy and love. Get ready to share in the Love!

Hello, I am Serena and I work with energy. Don’t we all? It is a struggle to put a label on what I do because, like you, this is more than one-dimensional. I have always seen energy move and flash, heard “conversation” beyond the people in the room, felt energy flow and prickle, and been confused about all that is happening around me. Perhaps this sounds familiar too? It took ArchAngel Raphael plastering his name on some buildings in Krakow, while I was on a trip after my Mother’s passing, for me to recognize Angelic intention. After learning to sit and intentionally connect on my own, I realized (initially because people told me so) that my interactions are very strong and I have chosen to allow sharing these to be part of my purpose.

I called my company ArchAngel Connection because I help you recognize your own messages and strengthen your connection to the ArchAngels. Angels, because they are understanding of the human condition, act as a bridge between other energies and Beings so that you can consciously take up the information being offered by any Energetic Force. When we link with ArchAngels, we expand understanding and help make all energy work comfortable and beneficial for you.



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Time: 1:42:00