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Psychic, Author, Programmer, Musician, Artist, Miriam Cunha, creator of Transvibrating TM , has dedicated all her life to the study and practice of different philosophical, theological, esoteric and spiritual arts. Her journey has awakened her inner shaman, which led her to become a facilitator of different healing arts and trans-formative experiences. She is a Reiki Master, a Laughter Yoga facilitator, Tarot and Mayan Oracle reader and researcher, a Metaphysics and Sacred Geometry expert, Energy-Sound-Colour therapist, Graphic Artist, Crafter, Musician, and Arts performer.

Miriam is always researching different paths of human physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution, and uses her psychic abilities to channel important and helpful information to walk the path. She channels information through graphic art, writings, crafts, music, drumming, dancing and psychic readings. 

Miriam is a facilitator of what she likes to call a ‘TranVibrating TM ’ experience, helping people to achieve higher frequencies of themselves to find the answers they need to direct their lives to their desired reality. Some of the tools she likes to use for this Transvibrating TM journey are:

 The Mayan oracle (Tzolkin Sacred Calendar) for the understanding of who you are,
what journey you chose to navigate in this life, and what are the lessons your spirit or
consciousness chose to learn here.
 Psychic channeling information from the Matrix of things you need to know that will help
you with your journey.
 Tarot cards guidance for specific questions at a personality level that requires
immediate answers and understanding.
 Crystals, Colours, Sounds, Sacred Geometry – fun tools that help with restoring the flow
of energy and TransVibrating™ into a new self.
 Personal Mandalas, psychic channeled to help you meditate and reach deeper levels of
connection with your higher self.

She has a YouTube channel where she shares her wisdom and learning, and would love for you to make part of her channel community.

Miriam can be found at:
 The Artful Hand store at the Orchard Park mall, where she offers psychic readings, chakras tuning, crafted jewelry, and workshops that include: Metaphysics and Occultism, Sacred Geometry and Symbolism, Numerology, Sound Healing, Women Circles and Meditation, and more.

 http://www.miriamcunha.com/ and http://www.transvibrating.com
 https://www.facebook.com/pg/miriam8cunha
 https://www.instagram.com/miriam8cunha/
 https://twitter.com/miriam8cunha

 WhatApp and Text 1-250-808-9318