Demystifying Belief Systems with Metatron’s Code

Marie Martin presents her book Metatrons Code and explains the process of demystifying and recoding belief systems.

In this workshop, Marie explains: How to identify the belief systems in our subconscious mind. How these beliefs are programmed between the ages of 0-7!  

What exactly does this mean for you, your life and relationships and health?  What is this creating for you on a daily basis?How to change the restrictions to create freedom. Practical, Simple tools that are incredibly affective. 

Marie walked her own journey of recovery and turned her own health issues around from being crippled with Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism so bad she couldn’t lift her head off the sofa after 5pm.

Utterly exhausted all the time, she finally surrendered and asked for help. 

This lead her to the journey of discovery, creating a program. Finding You and Living True and finally living a healthy, fit and fulfilling life… AND FREEDOM!   

Self-confessed “serial learner” Marie has a stream of certificates NLP Master Practitioner, Quantum and Regressional Hypnosis, Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Practioner, Resonance Academy, Degree in Metaphysics to name a few… and she continues her studies in the Metaphysical, Neuro Science and Quantum Fields.