Truth Medium

(Clairaudient & Clairvoyant)

Service(s) / Products:

$60 for 30 minutes. Spirit drives the reading. As the medium, I field the questions and hear the
responses. It is likely that a reading will cover one of or parts of these categories:

a) We remember everything and we are open to knowing more. Who are you known to be to the One vs. who are you being?

b) What has been trusted as true when untrue is what causes us pain. It also causes us to make the decisions which lie beneath depressive states, self-sabotage, weariness, compulsive disorders, or a need to be who we are not. A session should provide you with resolution to one of these decisions.

c) What messages did your parents give you at your birth? What is your current state of consciousness? (Consciousness is being aware of what you know to know you. As you acquire more knowing of what you can be known to be, your consciousness evolves.) What have you decided to
know to be you?

OR Simply sit down and ask Spirit questions.

Upcoming Consciousness Raising Group(s):
Starting 2020 on Sunday mornings via Skype. Register for one or two or all three groups. There will be some homework.
(5) Sessions of (2) hours each – Feb 23, Mar 01, 08, 15, 29
(5) Sessions of (2) hours each – Apr 05, 19, 26, May 03, 10
(5) Sessions of (2) hours each – May 24, 31, Jun 07, 14, 21
Register through the website: