Leah Sinclaire

11:11 The Numerical Gateway to your Conscious Evolution

Welcome to the magical world of numbers and the amazing Numerical Gateways!

Do you see numbers sequences everywhere? Do they catch your eye and then you wonder “What does this mean??” Especially the ones that seem to follow you around like 11:11, 333, 555, 888 just to name a few! 

Come hear what these sequences mean, and more importantly, gain the deeper understanding of these numbers to learn about what this can do to improve your life and much more.

Learn about how YOU are being spoken to from another time and space, beckoning you to a higher realm of consciousness. Inviting you to a new level of guidance for your life from inter-dimensionality. This is your GATEWAY to operating at a higher vibration for LOVE, ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY and to learn how to MAGNETIZE opportunities into your life.
Meet your Guides from another time and space!!

Come join foremost numbers expert Leah Sinclaire as she shares with you her journey of learning about the simple language of Earth’s math and describes to you how this can assist you on your path. 

Leah has been student of numerology since 1998. Her journey has involved studying the Kabalarian Philosophy in addition to a dedicated study of her own personal obsession with understanding the math meaning behind everything and everyone. 2005 she became a global consultant, sharing her own understanding of the fundamental basics of this knowledge to form what she now calls Numerology Alignment and the Numbers Code.

She has worked with thought leaders such as T. Harv Eker, Les Brown, Michael Gerber, Ellie Drake, Stuart Wilde, Satyen Raja, along with thousands of others from all walks of life doing personal sessions as well as group lectures and trainings. She offers certification programs for the individual as well as those who wish to practice Numerology Alignment as a vocation to help others experience the power of being mathematically aligned in their lives.
Guaranteed to provide answers to your questions and serve your Soul’s deeper evolution.



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Time: 2:30:00