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Service(s) / Products: 

LifeForce Healing with Kim Wuirch~ 20min sessions 

Connect with your Guides with Ken Lewicki~ 20min sessions

Kim’s books Waking Up An Empath and Awakened Empath

Kim’s own brand of Energy Protection Oil~ various sizes 


Kim Wuirch is an Empath, Spiritual Healer, and Archangel communicator, who works with people of all ages, to assist with healing and spiritual growth.

After Kim’s first book launched, Waking Up An Empath, A Year in The Life of a Empath From Awakening to Spiritual Healer, the spiritual community began talking about Kim and seeking her out for spiritual healing and training. 

Kim has progressed from learning many existing spiritual modalities to forging her own path and methods of spiritual healing.  Kim has brought the world the Empath Symbol, Infinity Healing, and her Energy Protection Oil, as well as her second book; Awakened Empath, The Evolution Continues.