Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna Illuminate 2020 Psychic Fair & More


Guest Speaker

Colette Marie Stefan

An Affirmation For Success

(that really works!)

Three Energetic Upgrades Guaranteed To Inspire Your Authentic Desires And Ensure Success!

Are you tired of marching through life? Ready to connect with your soul’s purpose and shift your life into better? It is time to answer the Call To Dance! 

Join Colette as she identifies and eliminates hidden energetic blocks prohibiting you from excelling in your relationships, career, fitness, youthfulness and finances. Health is a given, once you get out of your own way!  The truth is funny! Shift happens! And the problem is never what you think it is! Experience the instant relief of letting go of what is really holding you back to efficiently and effortlessly follow your dreams with wreck-less abandon!

Colette Marie Stefan is the founder of The Truth Is Funny, Call To Dance Seminars and the creative inspiration behind Tails From The Vector. She is a magical speaker, author and artist, with a great sense of humour, who shares universal, life transforming information and provides results that will inspire you to soar with her to new heights (in the way of the dragons) at seminars around the globe. She has been the featured guest of many radio shows, tele-summits and has hosted hundreds of free Shift Happens Live Talk Events, as well as captivating the air waves with her hit radio show, "The Truth Is Funny…. shift happens” 

Colette Marie Stefan
The Truth Is Funny.....shift happens


Keynote Presentation

Elizabeth Beeds

Illuminate Your LIfe
7 keys to Purpose, Passion and Possibility 

Are you hearing the call to reach for more in your life? Ready to improve your health, your relationship to others and to your own Soul's calling? In this uplifting workshop, you will be guided into absolute clarity on what your next best steps to take to achieve your dreams and move into peace and ease and greater health. Join for an illuminated revolution into how you live!

Elizabeth will invite you to experience the call to infinite possibilities and discover:

• What's holding you back (it might not be what you think!)
• Specific steps to open to your greatest potential
• You'll leave knowing exactly how to move forward with courage as you embrace your next chapter

Elizabeth Beeds is an inspiring Leader, Spiritual Teacher, Wellness Practitioner and Holistic Business Mentor who Empowers other women to stand in their strength as holistic leaders. Through 25 years as a wellness entrepreneur, she founded Interior Wellness Magazine, Interior Wellness Festival, Mountain Spirit Festival, The Women's Holistic Business Conference and the Women’s Holistic Business Academy. Elizabeth speaks at events all over North America (and recently was a Keynote at the RISE Conference, Vancouver alongside Danielle Laporte, Terri Cole and Mark Groves!)