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Hey, beautiful soul! I want you to love and trust yourself! I see you, and I believe in you, and I know what’s possible for you! Challenges happen, struggles are real, and the mind is often our biggest saboteur. Thoughts, emotions, doubts, and worries take us on a roller coaster whether we like it or not – and we feel held back. 

What if you knew the one big thing holding you back right now? That one thing (and your lesson and resolution) is written in the Akashic Records – your Soul Book – and we can access the information easily within a few minutes. That’s what I want for you – to get the lesson, to overcome the challenge, fall in love with your potential and soar. You have big things to do in this world, and you deserve to be well-known for your gifts.

My professional background and credentials include: Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Bachelor of Business Administration and Communications, Certified Professional Life Coach, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™  (a.k.a. Mental Emotional Release Techniques™) and Hypnosis, Practitioner of Touch For Health™ Specialized Kinesiology and Stress Indicator Point Systems™ (SIPS) and Body Alignment Proprioception™ (BAP), Certified Practitioner of Divine Numerology, Reader and Teacher of Akashic Records, Practitioner of Reiki, Intuitive Healer and Artist. 

In my first career I was a Chartered Insurance Professional working as a Personal and Commercial Insurance Underwriter.