Keynote Speaker - CHRISTINE GOLD

Opening Guest


Jessica Arnatt

"Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls”
An Experienced & Passionate Sound Practitioner

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls raise the vibration of everything due to their purity and stability. When we hold higher, more stable frequencies within our being, we are healthier and happier. When the bowls are being played, the vibrational impact is more than just what we feel within ourselves; it continues out to the Universe

The more we know about raising vibration and the more we become familiar with what that looks like, the more we can be empowered to make positive changes that will impact our lives and, by extension, the lives of those around us. We are drawn and repelled by frequency. When we live with this knowledge guiding our choices and learn the true power we have to create our reality, there is nothing we can't accomplish.

My hope, when sharing this knowledge and experience, is to empower others with the wisdom that they can raise their frequency, which, in turn, can change lives. I hope to bring awareness, to spark a flame, to help create the change we wish to see in ourselves and in the world, with love, light, and gratitude.”


Jessica Arnatt began her passionate journey into Sound Wellness in 2014. Through strong mentorship and regular practice, she has gained profound knowledge of how powerful sound can be, when combined with intention, to raise our vibration for a healthier state of Being, Body, Mind and Sprit.

Phone Number: 403-803-9177



Keynote Speaker


Christine Gold

Sacred Experience

Christine is a Psychic Medium connected to your guides, your angels, your loved ones and your collective team.

I'm the bridge to the other side, the activator and the connector. You will be the receiver!

Christine will provide some background about how she tunes in to the other side. It's no mystery, we need to tune into ourselves more, ask, connect and surrender because our loved ones are always speaking to us and trying to get our attention!

Together with Christine, you will be honoured, held in love, guided and supported the whole time. No guarantee of specific loved ones, usually the loudest and biggest personalities come through first.

I receive guidance through seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. She will help you heal, forgive, grieve and make those connections for you and your family to move forward. What messages wait for you? Are you ready to receive? AN EVENING OF MEDIUMSHIP LOVE CONNECTIONS Christine Gold, Spiritual Medium, Healer & Author 


Christine Gold is a Psychic Medium, Author, Empath, Spiritual Mentor and Animal Communicator. She works with fellow empaths, to assist with messages healing and empowerment. Christine has released her first book, "Intuition Saved My Live", as well as a Gratitude Daily Journal and everything starts with a Dream Journal. She is working on her first of many Oracle Decks.

Phone Number: 825-561-1041



SPECIAL Closing Guests


Gordana & Renee Story

Gyspy Queen, Spartan Female

Our dance is free style and intuitive, representing femininity in different forms, uniting in heart and spirit.
There are many ways to express and share yourself with the world - we see dancing as a fusion of love, freedom and gratitude.
May we all celebrate our differences in a state of unity and acceptance.
Gordana and her son Sasha came to Canada 20 years ago from former Yugoslavia, which was destroyed by the war in the nineties. Gordana is a journalist, choreographer, dancer, writer, and singer that spent 10 years teaching children and adults to dance, act, and model at dance/play/fashion shows that she organized in Europe. She wrote plays and songs for them and performed with them as well.
 Professionally, her life has been spent in helping roles; Career and Employment services, Disabilities services, Education and Child Development. Renee is a certified Life Skills Coach and Facilitator and a level 2 Drum Circle Facilitator.
It wasn't until she had a spiritual experience with dance that a shift happened and she saw how it was really all about energy, connection and heart. A new perspective had dawned.
She was gifted with what she believes was divine inspiration... nudged and compelled into creating something she calls Tai Woo, an ecstatic style of dance.
Renee's hope and desire is to encourage others to find freedom of expression and feel the liberation that comes from authentic engagement with your true essence.
Phone Number: 403.481.0030


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