GUEST Musician  - Tru Guy Stefan


Keynote Speaker - Kim Wuirch



Tru Guy Stefan 

"Living Music From The Heart”

My vision for performing at the Cardel Theatre is to bring uplifting stories and songs that will soothe your heart and mind and encourage seeing a much brighter future ahead. 

With stories and performing 5 or 6 of his original songs, Tru intends to inspire the audience to feel and be more aware of the essence and wisdom of the heart, and by doing so, create more unity and healing in the world.


Tru is a LightWorker Musician, Singer-songwriter, Storyteller, Speaker, Performer, Empowerment Guide and a Sound Alchemist.

Tru has given compassionate service using many healing modalities to a wide cross section of society throughout much of his life.

His focus is to be an Ambassador of the Heart.

Tru offers intimate house concerts including bringing his music to festivals and listening rooms. He is currently finishing a book and has a new album called “Surrender To Love”.




Keynote Speaker


Kim Wuirch

Journey to your FUTURE with the Akashic Records

Kim, a long time Akashic Records Expert and teacher, wants to take you on a journey to tap into your future potential for the first time ever in this public event!

Kim will provide some background about the power and the expansiveness of the Akashic Records and what they can do for YOU! And for the first time ever, Kim is going to explain how prophecy, future based information and probabilities can be accessed in YOUR Akashic Records.

Together with Kim, you will be guided and supported to discover....are you on your Soul Path? Are you in alignment with your Soul's desire? She will assist you to get back in alignment if you have strayed from your intended Soul Path and get you back in alignment with the universe.

She will help you access and hone in on your future potential, so that you can make the choices that will lead you to the life you deserve.

What future is waiting for you?


Kim Wuirch is a Psychic Healer, Author, Empath, Spiritual Mentor and Archangel communicator, who works with people of all ages, to assist with healing and spiritual growth.

Kim has released 3 books since her journey began, in order of release: Waking Up An Empath, Awakened Empath and Spiritual Reality and she recently released her new Infinity Oracle cards.

Kim has forged her own spiritual modalities and methods of spiritual healing.  Kim has her own product line that includes Energy Protection Products, Divine Abundance Oil Blend and various spiritual products that are always being updated.

Kim also offers healing in groups known as Infinity Healing, as well as, remote and in person healing. She teaches Animal Healing, Akashic Records, Violet Flame Reiki, Shadow Work, Usui Reiki, and much more.

Kim has provided free YouTube videos for learning, entertainment. You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest and most recently through her new PodCast available on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, PodBean and more.



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