Illuminate 2020 Psychic Fair & More: Ballroom Exhibitors


Diane Evdokimoff
Wild Beauty Skin & Body Care by Homestead Infusions
Booth 327

250 517 7536

Service(s) / Products: 

Simple Wellness

100% Canadian Natural Beauty and Wellness Company located in the Heart of the Shuswap, in British Columbia.

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Mona Niebergall
Stepping Stones Homeopathy
Booth 328

250 808 3104

Service(s) / Products: 

Sharing my healing path of Classical Intuitive Homeopathy, I will reveal to you how Homeopathy uses your own immune system for healing.

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Roxanne Vaudreui  Crossing Bridges
Booth 328

403 874 800

Service(s) / Products:

I will be offering clairvoyant intuitive readings connecting with the masculine & feminine energies within an around you. Working with the ascended masters, goddesses, angels and other elemental beings helps me to see and receive the messages which are identified as blocks or repeated cycles currently in your life. Helping you to identify what they are, why they are there and how you can release them.

Natasha Rosewood
Booth 329

778 558 2832  

Service(s) / Products: 

For this event, Natasha is offering amazing palm/psychic/card readings for $40.00 for 15 minutes in which she is able to guide you to your highest joy and future potential. 

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Maria O'Farrell Carr
OK In Health eMagazine and Sacred Tours
Booth 330

250 493 0106

Service(s) / Products: 

Celtic Wisdom Keeper – Maria Carr & OK In Health eMagazine

Maria will be offering Celtic Wisdom Sessions. (Pre-booking is recommended to be guaranteed a session). Sign-up to receive your free monthly OK In Health eMagazine. The Okanagan’s largest and longest running wellness eMagazine. Also find out about our Sacred and Holiday Tours to Ireland with Maria.

Rosanna Ienco Barned
The Mystic Oracle
Booth 331

250 729 7971

Service(s) / Products:

Personal Portal Painting Readings

Mystic Soul Readings


Shamanic Divination

Power Animal Readings

Angel Readings

Past Life Readings

Donna & Frank Fairhurst
Soul Full Solutions 
Booth 332
Office: 778 622 1743 
Mobile: 250 535 0736

Service(s) / Products: 

Aura Imaging & Reading

Donna is an Intuitive Life/Soul Coach, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, & Aura/Chakra/Angelic Intuitive blessed and grateful for the opportunity to share her purpose for being.

Her mission is to balance and elevate the energetic power & vibration of individual and collective auric & chakra resonances, thus raising maximum individual and collective consciousness here and now.

Marie Martin
Marie Martin Coaching
Booth 333

250 765 7659 

Service(s) / Products: 

Divine Purpose Plans for 2019! Know your purpose for the year ahead!

Debora Powell
Devine Intuitive & Reader
Booth 333

250 864 1819  

Service(s) / Products: 

Debora is a Reader/Channeler who has Egyptian Guides that help you answer any issues or path choices that are happening in your life. She is also a Metaphysician who balances chakras & does body scans for disorders for improved health.

Chiharu Sato
Kiai Shiatsu
Booth 334

778 484 1844 

Service(s) / Products: 

Kiai Shiatsu is the only clinic that offers traditional-style Shiatsu therapy in Kelowna. This technique, which is licensed in Japan, is very effective in relieving muscle tension as well as physical and mental discomfort.

We also offer spinal adjustment cranial treatment and internal organ adjustment. The treatments greatly enhance your natural healing power and smooth out your energy flow. 

    Daniela Maxim Divine Goddess Creations
Booth 335

403 400 3114


I offer a collection of natural fibres and flowey clothing ideal and specially created for women dedicated to healing

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Sivona Martin
Your Hands Know
Booth 336

250 215 8033   

Service(s) / Products: 

Hand Analysis readings, gemstone jewellery, decorative bags for oracle readings

Pat Bellamy
Bellamy Healing Arts
Booth 337

250 801 6559

Service(s) / Products: 

Pat Bellamy is an initiated authentic shamanic practitioner who has been actively providing contemporary non-traditional shamanic healing to her community since 1999.


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Cristin Platt
Sakura Spiritual Arts
Booth 338

250 809 8648


Hand made tools for spiritual practice - drums, fans, runes, mala.

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Colette Marie Stefan
The Truth is Funny
Booth 339

250 764 8998

Service(s) / Products: 

Shift Happens Live Talk Events (FREE!)

Call to Dance Seminars

The Truth Is Funny Radio Show (Transformation Talk Radio)

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Michelle Morrison
Psychic Medium
Booth 340

250 682 8176 

Service(s) / Products: 

 One-on-one Medium Sessions


Michelle Morrison is a renowned Psychic Medium with a lifetime of experience. 

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Stephanie Banks
Booth 341

250 320 5239

Facebook Page   Youtube Channel

Service(s) / Products: 

Stephanie will be offering 30-minute personal readings at her booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Barbara Wellborn
Booth 342

250 486 5820

Service(s) / Products: 

Barbara’s readings help her clients to understand where they are currently on their spiritual journey.

  •  Rose Reading-A Look at Your Life from a Spiritual Perspective

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Jaysone Tylor
Magical Readings
Booth 343

250 488 8154  

Service(s) / Products: 

Bio-mat, Destiny Card Readings, Numerology, Voxx Socks

Serena Kolodka
Intuitive Healer
ArchAngel Connection
Booth 345

403 478 7125

Service(s) / Products: 

Yes, I talk to Angels. I also connect you with them, because they are around you and are influencing your life in the most amazing way!

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Sarah Manning
Booth 446

780 265 0467

Service(s) / Products: 

I am a Medium? 


 I never thought I would have dedicated my life to helping others heal. 

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Dr. Wayne Carr
Center for Growth and Healing
Booth 447

425 488 5496

Service(s) / Products: 

Dr Carr has a strong background in Ken Wilber’s integral philosophy and uses an integral approach to his work, which means that all levels of a person’s being are acknowledged, and harmonized - from mind and body to spirit and shadow (shadow are parts of ourselves we hide, repress or deny).

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Jeanne Williams
Radiant Soul Wellness
Booth 448

250 215 2159

Service(s) / Products: 

I am an Angel Healer, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. I Create and sell gemstones/crystal jewelry such as wire wrapped pendants, gemstones bracelets and earrings. I Love teaching people about Spirituality and Crystal Energy, and I give information slips away with all my items!

All of my items have Angelic energy infused within.

Melissa Frisby
Psychic Medium & Spiritual Instructor
Booth 449

250 939 8305


Psychic Readings, Card readings, mediumship readings and numerology readings.


Pendulums, Crystal Keychains, Crystal necklaces, Crystal protection vials

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Amanda Robin
Intuitive Awakening
Booth 449

587 676 5687   

Service(s) / Products: 

Card Readings, Spirit Animal Readings, Pendulum Sessions

Pendulums, Crystal Keychains, Crystal Necklaces, Crystal Protection Vials

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Evelyn Mulders
Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies, Inc.
Booth 450

250 766 2005

Service(s) / Products: 

Sound Essence Energy Medicine

Evelyn Mulders helps you keep your high vibes alive with Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies for your body, mind and soul!

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Tara Bradley
Tea Leaf Readings - Therapist
Booth 451

250 306 0110

Service(s) / Products: 

Psychic Tea Leaf Readings

Tara comes from a line of psychics. Her great-grandmother was a tea leaf reader for many years in Dawson Creek, BC.

When Tara reads your tea leaves, she also ‘reads your energy’ and the messages are exactly YOURS.

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Kasia Rachfall
Thriving After 40
Booth 452

778 363 1122  

Service(s) / Products: 

Kasia will be offering mini Akashic Records and Egyptian Numerology Readings. Hello beautiful soul! I want you to love and trust yourself! I see you, and I believe in you, and I know what’s possible for you! Challenges happen, struggles are real, and the mind is often our biggest saboteur. Thoughts, emotions, doubts, and worries take us on a roller coaster whether we like it or not – and we feel held back.

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Laynah Lafond
Purple Tree Healing Centre
Booth 453

250 448 4461

Service(s) / Products: 

Laynah Hélène Lafond has been involved in techniques for healing the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit for more than 30 years.

It is her goal to assist others in reaching balanced health, or at least find peace with Ill-ease and Dis-ease in one’s life.  

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Ann Metcalfe
Soil Alchemy
Booth 454

778 323 4753

Service(s) / Products: 

Our Purpose to create peace and harmony within each person and throughout planet Earth. 

To be the change makers, the bridge builders to a greater harmony that we know in our hearts is possible. 

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Gaby Knodel
Booth 455

250 979 8282

Service(s) / Products: 

Gaby Psychic Medium will be offering Soul Readings during the fair. Gaby’s mini Soul Reading is a reading that is all about you and your soul, with information to help, inspire, and heal you in life.