Illuminate Assistant

Gerry is a key member of the team that makes Illuminate Your Life successful for the exhibitors, speakers, attendees and staff. He has 50 years of experience in selling products and services, including marketing, research and advertising.

On March 1, 2013, Gerry experienced a Heart Attack and a Stroke, at the same time, at the Kelowna General Hospital at the age of 63. During this, Gerry journeyed beyond this world in a “Near Death Experience”. What he experienced was Limitless Awareness, “Perfect Nothingness”, PEACE and LOVE. He could have stayed in this moment eternally at peace with the Creator. He doesn’t know why he journeyed through this Universe, our Milky Way Galaxy, our Sun Solar System, our Planet Earth (Gaia), back to the Okanagan Valley, to Kelowna, back into his “Physical Body”. He learned everything is a dream of the mind. There are unlimited opportunities to experience, everything and nothing and in everything in between. We are an ISBE. We never die, we are eternal. Your life, in the now moment, is a hologram we call reality in order to experience (good, evil, up, down, right, wrong, male, female, etc)

Coming through this experience, Gerry has chosen to be a “Servant to Life”. He is here to assist you in any way to make your time during the “Illuminate Speaker Series” Fun, Abundant, Learning and MORE.