Light up your rainbow with Sound

Sound that your ears cannot hear but your body can feel

Become a Rainbow Warrior.

A Rainbow is God’s way of showing us everything is in perfect and in divine order. The rainbow is colour. Colours are light frequencies. Light frequencies are energy.  Energy is vibration. Vibration makes music. Music is sound.

A Warrior champions a cause. Your cause is more than just living in Health and Vitality.  It includes your Higher Consciousness aspiring to unconditional love. 

How?  Here’s the science behind Evelyn’s innovative products:

Sound supports the Meridians, Chakras, and the Auric Field, assisting us in tapping into Unconditional Love and even into the Angelic realm! Sound is the chariot that takes your spirit and physical body from one world (or dimension) into another.


Join Evelyn Mulders on a journey of illumination with Sound in a bottle.  Visit her Booth #450 at 2020 Illuminate Psychic Fair.

Evelyn Mulders is a recent award winner for her Sound Essence Love Tones from the Coalition of Visionary Resources.

Evelyn Mulders has shared her knowledge and trained students in Energy Medicine since 1996.  She founded the Kinesiology College of Canada and is senior faculty for the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. She owns and operates Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center and is the Alchemist of Sound Essence vibrational remedies. Her passion for educating others inspired her to write two published books, “The Essence of Sound” and “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory”. The third book is on its way.At Illuminate, you’ll find Evelyn’s booth displaying her Sound Essence vibrational remedies. Visit her booth, sit on the stool and within three minutes you will receive a complete assessment of the well being of your meridians, chakras and auriocfield, aheart space and angeleic connection.  Feel the benefit of the Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies (silent sound misted into your energy field) balancing your entire energy field.  Painless and free!!.  Evelyn’s books are also available at her booth and if you are even more curious, sign up for mini workshops or full certificate programs in Energy Medicine, held at the Kinesiology College of Canada.

 Or….. just hang around her booth as she vibrates and shares her knowledge of energy medicine.. all You have to do is engage and ask the question…..???