Christine Gold

Sacred Experience

Christine is a Psychic Medium connected to your guides, your angels, your loved ones and your collective team.

I'm the bridge to the other side, the activator and the connector. You will be the receiver!

Christine will provide some background about how she tunes in to the other side. It's no mystery, we need to tune into ourselves more, ask, connect and surrender because our loved ones are always speaking to us and trying to get our attention!

Together with Christine, you will be honoured, held in love, guided and supported the whole time. No guarantee of specific loved ones, usually the loudest and biggest personalities come through first.

I receive guidance through seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. She will help you heal, forgive, grieve and make those connections for you and your family to move forward. What messages wait for you? Are you ready to receive? AN EVENING OF MEDIUMSHIP LOVE CONNECTIONS Christine Gold, Spiritual Medium, Healer & Author 


Christine Gold is a Psychic Medium, Author, Empath, Spiritual Mentor and Animal Communicator. She works with fellow empaths, to assist with messages healing and empowerment. Christine has released her first book, "Intuition Saved My Live", as well as a Gratitude Daily Journal and everything starts with a Dream Journal. She is working on her first of many Oracle Decks.

Phone Number: 825-561-1041