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Stellar Ground specializes in herbal first aid products, spiritual wellness, body care and natural fragrances. At Stellar Ground we create each product by hand with organically grown herbs we grow ourselves, or ethically harvest from the wild lands of the Okanagan Valley.

Our products are made with organic ingredients and are free from chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum products, synthetic additives and GMO’s. In those bottles and jars are herbal infusions, organic ingredients, organic essential oils, vitamin E and a whole lot of love. Simple and effective. The packaging is environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable and we only test our products on humans; although most of the products are also safe for pets.Stellar Ground garden is fully planted with medicinal and culinary herbs. The healing quality of plants, their spirits and magic, inspires a passion to connect with plants on a deeper level.

Herbs are harvested just after the full moon when the sap is high but the energy is turned downward. Our herbal infusions are prepared when the moon is dark – this is when the gravitational pull is the greatest. This helps extract the healing properties in the plants. They then infuse for at least one moon cycle, and are put out in the light of the full moon before being prepared into healing remedies just after the full moon. This allows them to have the most potent healing power.  Our mission is to re-establish a connection with the healing power of plants, with the land, and the food as medicine philosophy.