Our Mission

Illuminate Psychic Fair & More is filled with a community of like-minded Exhibitors and Speakers, with one intention in mind – to assist you in making life better. We are so excited and grateful to bring together experts who are dedicated to helping improve all areas of your life – physical, mental and spiritual – for a four-day event filled with fun, laughter and love. There is something for everyone who is seeking to evolve, expand, grow and discover more about themselves and the world around them.


Are ready to discover your path, real meaning in your life, and access the wisdom that will change your life for the better.


Have brought the best psychics, healers, and vendors together to support and assist you on your journey.


we gather each year and on occasions throughout the year to grow as a conscious community to better ourselves and our world.

Our Team

Meet the people who work throughout the year to make Illuminate Psychic Fair and our other events the transformative experiences you've come to expect. It's our pleasure to support you and our communities to grow and awaken on the spiritual path.




Kathy’s desire is to assist humanity, to experience a world filled with happiness, peace and love.
Kathy is delighted to open doors with the support of others’ exceptional talent, to help guide you on this journey. As her personal journey has not always been an easy one, she understands the importance of community and is always grateful for the abundance of caring, loving individuals that make up this community.

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Illuminate Assistant

Gerry is a key member of the team that makes Illuminate Your Life successful for exhibitors, speakers, attendees and staff. He has 50 years of experience in selling products and services, including marketing, research and advertising.

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What does 2023 have in store for you?

We know you're curious and we have the talented people who will help you discover your highest nature, your best path forward and the hidden mysteries of your mind.