PSYCHIC, MAYAN ORACLE, and TAROT READINGS – Miriam Cunha from Itzá Rainbow

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Psychic, Mayan Oracle, and Tarot Readings with Miriam Cunha from Itzá Rainbow Get to know yourself better and understand the paths you have chosen for your evolution, as well as how to change your reality and manifest the best of your potential.

Using her psychic abilities and other fun tools, Miriam will channel important and helpful information and will give you tools to help with your personal journey. She will show you different perspectives of your reality and guide you to make NEW choices to step into your power and manifest them.

Everything is connected, and different realities exist at the same time. Through the choices we make, we can help our multiple realities to TransVibrate™ into higher frequencies. It is all up to us to make it happen.

Some of the fun tools Miriam likes to use: – The Mayan oracle (Tzolkin Sacred Calendar) for the understanding of who you are, what journey you chose to navigate in this life, and what are the lessons your spirit or consciousness chose to learn here. – Psychic channeling information from the Matrix of things you need to know that will help you with your journey. – Tarot cards guidance for specific questions at a personality level that requires immediate answers and understanding. – Crystals, Colours, Sounds, Sacred Geometry – are all also fun tools that help with TransVibrating™ into a new self. May the colors of the rainbow – the Visible Spectrum of Light – be with you!

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One Comment on “PSYCHIC, MAYAN ORACLE, and TAROT READINGS – Miriam Cunha from Itzá Rainbow”

  1. Thankyou for your fun, and kind info. I to r a medium, practice tarot cars. hopefully getting better

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